Officially formed in 1989 our roots go back to the early 1980's when, as a teenager, I spent my summers doing odd jobs and repairs for friends, neighbors, and relatives in my Cedar Point neighborhood in Scituate, MA.

    From 1982-1986 I attended South Shore Vocational Technical High School where I focused on furniture and cabinet making. Being one of only a few students interested in learning the finer points of the trade, I was allowed to move quickly through the program, completing projects ranging from pieces of furniture to custom kitchens.

    After graduation I changed my focus to the broader trade, working with other local contractors, developing the people and technical skills necessary to be a successful custom home builder and remodeler. 

    In 1989 I made the decision to formally start Michael Ball Carpentry & Remodeling and worked as a subcontractor for several local general contractors. In 1990 I moved into the role of General Contractor. I focused on what I knew best which was coastal neighborhoods. I completed projects, small and large, building a diverse client base; that along with my finish carpentry background has allowed me to refine the necessary skills and insight to successfully work in coastal environments as well as inland neighborhoods. 

    We have built our reputation and our business with the help of great subcontractors and generous clients who in the early days were willing to give a young kid a chance. More importantly they shared their experiences with friends and family. In return our client base has grown exponentially and all receive a level of quality and value that few in the industry can match.

    Business relationships that started twenty years ago have since turned into multi generational relationships, partnerships, and friendships!

Michael Ball
Carpentry & Remodeling
Scituate, MA 02066